Rough-In Plumbing

Rough-In Plumbing in South Carolina

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Another type of plumbing that we perform at Plumbing Solutions, LLC is called rough-in plumbing. A plumbing rough-in is the foundation of future plumbing in your new construction property, and takes place before your walls and ceilings are closed up during the framing stage. In order to perform a successful rough-in, one must be familiar with local plumbing codes, which we are trained and highly knowledgeable about at Plumbing Solutions, LLC. Then, once we get a set of blueprints and measurements from our clients for placements and measurements of fixtures, water and drain lines, and vent piping, we will know exactly where we need to cut holes and lay pipes within your new construction’s framework. It is then vital to secure the plumbing to prevent any movement or loose fixtures. Tests on the water and drainage systems are done prior to completion using water and pressure to ensure that there indeed are no leaks or issues with the plumbing.

This can be a tricky process, and it is crucial to get the groundwork for your new construction plumbing correct before the walls and ceilings are put in place, as one small issue can not only lead to a massive problem — but also a massive dent in your wallet. It is also extremely important to have a basic understanding of how to build a house so that you know what can be cut or drilled into without damaging or risking the structure of your new construction. At Plumbing Solutions, LLC, we have a team of professional plumbers who are trained to perform quality rough-in plumbing services and are highly knowledgeable on building new construction. Not only will we get the job done effectively and efficiently — but we are so committed to standing by our workmanship that we offer a one-year correction period on all of our work.

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