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That’s a statement you will always hear at Plumbing Solutions. As one of the largest and fastest growing plumbing companies, we consistently have opportunities for our staff to grow and advance. This is because of our amazing staff already in place and the great industry we are a part of!


Plumbing as a Career

Plumbing can be an amazingly rewarding career! The industry is growing at 16-24%. With many plumbers retiring and so few to take their place, the industry is in high demand. The average college tuition is $28-$50k a year! Compare that to free paid training in plumbing and a career that on average pays $49k a year for trained plumbers.


Why Plumbing Solutions?

Plumbing Solutions is the best place for those that want to continue to grow and advance in a rewarding trade. We are an industry leader because of our people and our training. Quality training produces quality people, quality people produce quality work, and quality work is always in demand. It’s that simple! Want to know more about the many perks of working with our team? Click here

Training that Matters!

The average college tuition is $28-$50k a year! How many of you know someone who has went to college, paid the tuition, and now can’t find a job? How many of you know a plumber that can’t find work? When it comes to plumbing, like any trade, training matters. When you work with Plumbing Solutions, you’re not just working with a leader in the plumbing industry, but a leader in best practices in plumber training! Check this out,


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  • Licensed Master Plumber In SC, GA, & NC
  • Internal Quality Inspection Team
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  • First of its Kind Training Facility
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