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  • The Latest Toilet Technologies

    The bathroom is important to West Columbia homeowners. It is one room in which we spend a lot of time and need it to maximize comfort. Our bathroom experience needs to be complemented by technology, efficiency, and high function. When there are new toilets or amenities for the toilet on the market, the rational consumer can hardly be blamed for seeking them out. Many plumbing companies are finding …

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  • 3 Challenges of Using and Maintaining a Toilet

    The plumbing in the average home is fairly durable. Durable is good, but durable never means something is indestructible. Those who want to make sure the toilet(s) at their Columbia residence always remain working and without unnecessary plumbing mishaps have to take steps for properly maintaining the unit. Unfortunately, this is harder than it sounds because – once again – no plumbing system …

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  • Common Causes of a Toilet Not Flushing Properly

    The toilet in your Columbia home is widely used and under-appreciated. No one pays much attention until it stops working properly. There are several reasons why a toilet may not be flushing correctly or not flushing at all. Here are some common causes of a toilet not flushing properly. Pipe is Clogged This is one of the most common reasons a toilet stops flushing correctly. One reason a pipe will …

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