Slab Leak Repair

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  • Precautions to Take to Prevent Slab Leaks

    If not properly addressed, slab leaks can cause expensive property damage . They can be difficult to locate, because they are the result of pipes leaking underneath your Columbia home’s foundation. Signs of a Slab Leak Signs of a slab leak include an unexplainable increase in your water bill, low or no water pressure, visible signs of water damage in the ground-level flooring and water coming from …

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  • Corrosion, Abrasion, and Pressure? Might Be a Slab Leak!

    Understanding Slab Leaks And How To Deal With Them You may have heard a family or friend talking about it, but unless you stuck around for the entire conversation, it is possible to walk away more confused than you started. They are called slab leaks and have been known to wreak havoc in many areas of the home or business. What starts off as a wet spot or a hot area on your concrete floor may end …

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  • The Dangers of Slab Leaks

    Slabs, or otherwise known as part of the foundation of a home can suffer from leaks due to broken, or dented piping underneath the foundation structure. Slab leaks can cause catastrophic damage to your Columbia home if not repaired. When the piping of a home is installed within the foundation, it may not always be pipeline that is up to standard code. Sometimes weaker piping materials such as …

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