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  • The Top 5 Plumbing Myths

    Many myths have arisen around plumbing over the years. Such myths can make it harder for Columbia consumers to maintain their plumbing systems and get the best possible service should something go wrong. Plumbing is Not Complicated Many people think plumbing is a relatively straight-forward system. In many instances, this is simply not true. A plumbing system can be just as complex as any other …

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  • Popular Plumbing Myths Debunked

    Everyone has heard how to fix a plumbing problem one time or another. While some of these methods may work, others may not. In fact, be very wary of any advice that did not come directly from a professional plumbing company. Some of these popular myths could end up doing damage to your appliance or plumbing system and cost you more in the end. Placing a Lemon in the Garbage Disposal Lemons smell …

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