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  • How Low-Flow Fixtures Help You Save On Water

    The average water pressure in a residence is 40 to 80 pounds per square inch (psi). That pressure could be reduced to as little as 20 psi and increased to as much as 125 psi. Low-Flow Rate A low-flow rate fixture will use anywhere from 1.25 GPM from a shower head to 1.6 gallons of water per toilet flush and 1.5 GPM from a low-flow sink or tub faucet. Choosing a low-flow rate fixture cuts down on …

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    Once winter lets go of it’s cold grip, warmer weather means more homeowners can tend to take tasks around the home they have been putting off for many months. Taking the time in the spring to make certain the home is more energy efficient next winter will not only improve the conditions in your home, it will also help you to save money throughout the year. Here are three tips on how to make your …

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  • Winterizing Your Hot Water Tank

    Winterizing Your Hot Water Tank With the cold weather returning it may be time to consider winterizing your Columbia home in order to save some money on your electricity and water bills while you are away. Utilizing home winterization services from a local company in your area can ensure the job is done right and professionally. When you return again your home will be safe and ready to be turned …

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