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  • Instructions for DIY Wet Wipes and Why Flushing Regular Wipes Will Clog Your Drains

    While everyone should know that you can’t flush disposable wet wipes down the toilet, many people still insist on doing it. Disposable and flushable wet wipes are too thick to be flushed down the toilet. They’re not safe for septic systems like many brands advertise. In New York, they have such a problem with wet wipes being flushed down the toilet, that they have had massive clogs, which has …

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  • The 5 Most Common Clogs in Toilets

    People, sometimes unknowingly, sometimes accidentally and sometimes foolishly, flush all kind of things they shouldn’t down the toilet . Televisions commercials can be comical, when a toilet overflows, but a real-life sewer backup is no laughing matter. Here are the five most common clogs in toilets: Paper Products 1) Toilet Paper: Yes, the most frequent type of clog in a toilet is caused by the …

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  • Clogged Toilets

    The toilet is one of the few systems in our home that is vital to daily life. It is important to maintain the toilet bowl and keep it free of bacteria that can grow and cause sickness for our family. Cleaning it regularly and taking the necessary precautions will allow not only foster a clean environment, but a pleasant aromatic and stink-free atmosphere, as well. Following are a few simple steps …

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  • What happens if the toilet is clogged?

    If you have children, you really cannot be surprised to find that your toilet is once again clogged with an action figure or a wad of clothing. But what do you do if simply extracting the item doesn’t work? What happens if the clog is serious? A clogged toilet that cannot be influenced by the classic plunger is a big problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Assuming that there is no waste …

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