Why Saving Water For Summer Months Is Key

Why Saving Water For Summer Months Is Key

You’re excited about summer and the plans you have for your home, but the water you’re already losing is driving up your water bill, and you wonder if you’ll be able to fulfill the plans that you have for the summertime. Your biggest plan may be to get finally the pool filled after it’s been empty throughout the year, but you know it’s going to take a lot of water and cost a pretty penny, but you’re already using so much water and don’t know why.

Water conservation is something you need to look into, especially when water is being wasted around the home, and you want to conserve water for the upcoming summer months. Besides getting creative, you can calculate your water usage to determine if it’s leaking or over usage that’s causing your bill to rise, and you can fix the problem rather quickly.

Learn The Best Water Conservation Methods

  • Bottle all your water, so you’re less likely to waste it.
  • Never let water run in a sink without stopping up the sink.
  • Unless it’s solid waste, only flush the toilet after several uses.
  • Limit baths, and take more showers.
  • Never water your greenery unless the sun isn’t present.
  • Use your dishwasher when a lot of dishes need to be cleaned.
  • Only wash clothes when the washer can be filled.
  • Regularly maintain the water heater, and check for leaks.
  • When flushing a water heater, save the water that’s drained for other uses.
  • Make sure there is no leaks present within the home.

Bottle All Water

Bottling all the water that you use in your home can be a creative way to save water, especially since you’re more likely to be precise when pouring out the water and are less liable to waste it. Bottling all your water, especially if you have 5-gallon jugs or larger can be an excellent way to know exactly how much water you’re using, down to the gallon, especially when you’re trying to conserve water and stop wasting it.

Plug/Stop The Sink

Make sure to put a stopper in the sink to keep it from allowing the water to go down the drain because this is a big waste of water and can easily be prevented by simply putting the stopper in its place. Use the additional water in the sink for anything, especially since the water is already clean.

Don’t Always Flush

This may seem gross to some people, but those who want to conserve water can understand how this can work. Instead of flushing every single time you use the bathroom, only flush if there is a solid waste in the toilet, or wait until you go to the bathroom two times or more with no solid waste before flushing. with several toilets in the home, you may save a lot more water than you’d imagine if you use all toilets this way.

Baths Vs. Showers

Baths can easily add up to 30 gallons of water, and some baths can take up to 50 gallons of water, so imagine how much water you’re wasting for a single cleansing session. Always choose to take a shower, and limit your showers to a few minutes, and then you’ll see a big difference in the amount of water you use daily.

Watering Methods

With summer on its way, you must know how to water your plants and greenery without wasting water. Since the heat can become intense in the summer, it can just evaporate any water you put down on the ground to water the plants or yard, so consider watering after dark or at least after the sun is no longer in the sky.

Using The Dishwasher

You’ll want to use the dishwasher more often than washing dishes in the sink, not because it’s easier on your hands but because it’s easier on your water usage. When you use the dishwasher, fill it completely before running it, then you are cutting back on water as well as a number of times you need to use the dishwasher per week.

Fill The Washer

Washing clothes may not be something that you do every day, but it’s always best to fill up the washer before washing clothes, especially if you can’t control the water level in your washer.

Water Heater Maintenance

Your water heater can become old and start to leak, so maintenance is the key. Have your plumber maintain your water heater every year, and always make sure there are no leaks, which means you’re losing a lot of water and will likely need a new heater.

Water Heater Flushing

When flushing your water heater, take the excess water and save it instead of throwing it away. The water in the heater is clean and can be used for plant watering, cleaning, bathing and more.

No Leaks

Finding leaks in your home is essential to fighting water waste, so make sure there are no leaks to ensure that you’re not losing water through leaky faucets, leaky pipes, leaky hoses, and other leaking fixtures in the home.

You And Your Plumber

When you’re trying to conserve water now to use more of it in the summertime, then you’ll need to work with your plumber. Allow your plumber to show you different ways to conserve water, and you’ll be able to save the amount of water you’re regularly using as well as saving money on your bill, which already may be high. You can still fill up your pool for the summer or run the water slide you had planned, or you can do other water activities this summer if you implement water conservation methods now.

Your plumber should also check for leaks around the home, which can typically be found coming from the faucets, pipes, toilets and more. Once all leaks are repaired, and you’re conserving water, then you’ll see a decline in your water bill as well as your water usage.

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