10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Every industry needs to know how to adapt to the changes of the day. Small businesses need to know how to use the internet. Plumbing companies need to keep up with all of the bathroom remodeling upgrades. Homeowners everywhere and especially in Lexington implement many of these new changes in their bathrooms.

There are several reasons for homeowners to do some bathroom remodeling.

1 – You do not want to stand.

You probably stand all day at work. Your back hurts, your feet are sore and you just do not want to stand any longer than you need to. If you shower after work, you might feel a little more exhausted than you would like to because you have to be upright when you would much rather be sitting. That is why sit-down showers are trending. There is a low shower head and a comfortable area for you to take a seat as you are washing the day off of yourself.

2 – The bathroom has deteriorated.

Everything gets old if you give it some time. Vehicles rust. Machines break. Floors deteriorate and they do not look as nice as they used to. If the paint on your tiles is starting to thin or your bathroom just does not look as attractive as it used to, then you probably should go for a few upgrades. As long as you are tidying up, why not upgrade?

3 – An Old House

Many older homes have a few design flaws. They seemed like good ideas in theory, but when they were put into practice, they just did not work out.

A carpeted bathroom seems like a good idea because you do not want your feet to get cold. But then the carpet gets wet every single day. You cannot use the bathroom without stepping onto a damp spot. You have to clean it all of the time. Carpeted bathrooms require a lot of upkeep. If your house has one, you should probably opt for an upgrade.

4 – Use a Dresser

Bathrooms have a lot of clutter. They are full of appliances, such as hairdryers and curlers. Ladies will often store a lot of their makeup in the bathroom for convenience.

Unfortunately, some bathrooms do not have much storage space. They just have the little compartment underneath the sink, so you need to either lay everything out on the sink or clutter it underneath. Many people are choosing instead to install a dresser in their bathroom right under the sink. All of those draws and compartments will make for easy storage.

5 – Your Medicine Cabinet is Bulky

This relates to the issue of space. You want to make the most out of your bathroom and if you can save an extra foot or two, then you should do that. Many people will install a hidden medical cabinet behind the mirror. This will blend in with the rest of the bathroom and it will be less obtrusive. It will also repel a few nosy guests who might want to know what sort of medication you have stored in your bathroom.

6 – You Have an Old Toilet

When you flush the toilet, perhaps you have to hold down the lever for thirty seconds for it to flush properly. If you do not, then the water will run until you open the tank and reset it. Perhaps your toilet is always clogging up and you have to take a few extra minutes plunging it out so that it will flush properly. If this describes your regular bathroom experience, then it is probably time to upgrade to a new toilet. Many of the new toilets are tankless and powerful.

7 – You Have an Ugly Toilet

That may seem redundant. Of course your toilet is not very appealing. It is a toilet, after all. Toilets are often used as metaphors to describe revulsion. One would not expect that they would be attractive or alluring. They are an interior designer’s nightmare. That may have been the case a few years ago.

However, some of the new models are brilliantly crafted and do look attractive. Some of them look like a little bench. Others have clever designs and color schemes. The toilet no longer has to be the bane of the interior designer’s existence.

8 – You are Creative

When you step into your bathroom, what do you see? Many people do not think to apply their creativity to their bathroom, but it is a great idea.

If you view the walls as more of a canvas onto which you can express yourself, then you will be inspired to begin remodeling your bathroom. You can make it into anything that you would like.

The bathroom usually has very good lighting, so most designs would be acceptable. You can even choose to use dark colors and they will look great in the bathroom.

Be creative. It is your space.

9 – As a Gift

Perhaps your wife has been talking about having a few new upgrades in the bathroom. Now that she is going away for a few days, you have an opportunity to make it happen. When she gets back, you can surprise her with a few of the renovations that she has always wanted. She would be delighted to come home and find that her bathroom resembled a spa.

10 – The Efficiency Factor

You are getting married. Congratulations! Your new spouse is moving into your Lexington home soon. Have you thought about the bathroom situation? It will be difficult to start to share a bathroom all of the sudden. Your beloved probably has a lot of needs. They will need their own sink and perhaps even their own shower head.

You should consider expanding your bathroom to make these accommodations. They are important.

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