Blog Posts in july, 2016

  • Why You Should Install Concrete Slab

    Slab homes, also known as patio homes, are built upon large concrete slab foundations, rather than stilts and crawlspaces. This style of home foundation is gaining popularity in certain areas due to its unique advantages. For example, a concrete slab is easier to install, allowing construction projects to begin sooner than later. There is also considerable insulation benefits to have your home sit …

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  • Why You Should Install Plumbing Cleanouts

    There is an old rule in engineering, construction, and other hands-on sciences that redundancies in a system are always a good idea. If you are building a rope bridge, for example, use twice as much as rope as you need to get the job done and reinforce the supports. It is linked to the adage that it is better to be safe than sorry. In plumbing, one of the most important yet often forgotten …

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