The Latest Toilet Technologies

The Latest Toilet Technologies

The bathroom is important to West Columbia homeowners. It is one room in which we spend a lot of time and need it to maximize comfort. Our bathroom experience needs to be complemented by technology, efficiency, and high function. When there are new
toilets or amenities for the toilet on the market, the rational consumer can hardly be blamed for seeking them out.

Many plumbing companies are finding that they need to learn the intricacies of new toilet technology so as to develop optimal methods. They have to learn about the new toilet technologies that are flooding the market. But what could they tell us? What are these latest toilet technologies?

An Eco-Friendly Toilet

In an era where the people are increasingly concerned with the environment and caring for our planet, we want everything to be green. We need to recycle, to familiarize ourselves with environmental endeavors and to contribute to them as much as possible.

This is what the Sun-Mar Compact Composting Toilet does. It is an eco-friendly toilet that turns human feces into safe, fertilizing soil. If you sell this soil, that means that every time you are going to the bathroom, you can say that you are working.

TOTO Neorest 550 Dual Flush Toilet

Do you ever stumble into the bathroom late at night, turn the light on and find it blinding? Many West Columbia people have endured this unpleasant experience.

The TOTO provides a simple and yet innovative solution, namely, a programmable night light. It also comes equipped with a cyclone automatic flushing system, an air purifying system, an energy saving timer, and a warm air dryer.

It is also very compact and does not take up a lot of space in the bathroom. This TOTO model seems to exhibit many of the latest features that consumers are excited about.

Digital Controls

Imagine a toilet that came with digital controls and several electronic functions. This is what the COCO 9500X Bidet offers. The user can turn on the massage feature or the cleansing feature.

That means that this is a toilet that does not require any toilet paper. It also comes with a child mode and heated seats (so that you will not have to sit on a bitter cold toilet seat on those West Columbia winter mornings).

Toilet enthusiasts are raving about this model, as it exhibits features one would never expert to find in a toilet.

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