Plumbing Issues You Should Not Try to Fix Yourself

Plumbing Issues You Should Not Try to Fix Yourself

Many homeowners enjoy saving money and feeling a sense of accomplishment by fixing things around the house. While this is admirable, there are a number of different plumbing issues that are best left to a professional. To help you avoid a potential home catastrophe, it is important that you are able to distinguish between simple DIY fixes and problems that require the assistance of a plumber. The next time you get the urge to tinker with your pipes, consider the following.

Leaking Sink Pipes

Fixing leaky pipes under a bathroom or kitchen sink seems to be an easy fix at first glance, as the pipes are visible simply by taking a look under your cabinet. Identifying the problem can be a much more difficult task, as it requires you to take your pipes apart. This can be a risky endeavor. Plumbing arrangements can be complex and cumbersome to reassemble, especially if they are close to other pipes or existing machinery like garbage disposals or dishwashers. Unless you have prior experience disassembling and reconstructing an under-sink pipe system, it may be wise to call a plumber.

Blocked Drains

Everyone’s drains become clogged every now and then. The average homeowner’s first reaction is to go to the hardware store and pick up a pipe snake or some sort of anti-clogging chemicals and attempt to fix it themselves. Pipe snakes can cause irreparable damage to the inside of your pipes if used improperly, potentially exposing you to the possibility of a massive re-piping job that can cost you thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, chemicals can emit noxious fumes and can be extremely dangerous to small children and pets. In some cases, drain cleaning chemicals can be corrosive and cause damage to a person’s skin. A plumber will have the necessary tools to snake your drain and handle even the heaviest blockage.

Water Heater Malfunctions

Is your water heater heating slowly or not heating at all? If your thermostat is set at the proper temperature and you are still not getting enough hot water, your heater may need to be replaced. Depending on what type of unit you have, removing and installing a new heater will require you to tinker with gas lines, electrical wiring, and your pipes. If handled incorrectly, you run the risk of a potential gas leak, flood, or electrocution.

In addition, the smallest mistake in hooking up your heater to the main water lines can leave your house without water. A professional can save you the money of these potential repairs and hook up your new unit with ease.

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