Is it Normal to Smell Gas Near My Water Heater?

Is it Normal to Smell Gas Near My Water Heater?

Does your water heater smell like gas or rotten eggs? Do you hear a hissing noise when you stand near your unit? If so, you may have a gas leak and should call your gas company as soon as possible. In certain amounts, natural gas exposure can be extremely dangerous and can cause a person to lose consciousness. Additionally, natural gas is extremely flammable and can cause explosions if exposed to an open flame.

What Causes Gas Leaks in Water Heaters?

Over time, the seal between a gas water heater and a person’s gas line in their home can degrade and loosen, causing small amounts of gas to leak. Rust buildup, faulty gas valves, and cracked sealants can all result in a gas leak. While fixing this can sometimes be as simple as tightening the nuts and bolts around the heater’s pilot light, this can sometimes be an indicator that a water heater needs to be replaced. Overtightening the connectors can cause damage to the unit’s compression fitting, known as a farrel.

How Do I Test for a Gas Leak?

If you believe your heater is leaking gas, there are several ways you can check. First, use a flashlight and visually examine the piping and pilot light. Do not use a match as a light source! If you see any visible damage or rust, chances are you have a leak. Another method is to apply soapy water to your unit’s connectors. Bubbles will form if a leak is present. To be safe, it is highly recommended you contact a certified professional to examine your unit for any potential hazards.

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