How to Drain Your Water Heater, and Why?

How to Drain Your Water Heater, and Why?

A number of things can go wrong when the water heater in your West Columbia home isn’t maintained properly. The system should be drained often to eliminate one risk that could potentially lead to system failure. Consider getting a scheduled maintenance plan in place or performing this important task independently on a regular basis.

Why does my water heater system have to be drained?

Most municipal water companies have a degree of hardness in their supply. When the water is heated for use, the minerals in the tank of the system settle down to the bottom. Over time, the minerals harden and cause sediment.

This makes it difficult for the system to heat the water. If the system is a gas unit, it will take much longer for the water to heat up to become available for use. If the system is electric, the system will operate inefficiently.

Important notes about cleaning the water heater

While draining does remove most sediment, there may be additional steps that have to be taken in order to completely remove all sediment that has accumulated. The heat exchanger and the thermostat may require additional cleaning. The sediment that has built up for some time may have to be removed with the assistance of cold water pressure. A vacuum may be instrumental to removing and dislodging the tough deposits.

How often should the system be drained?

The system in your West Columbia home should be drained once a year. Draining the system once a year removes any concentrated sediment in the system and prevents it from accumulating to dangerous amounts. Even a partial draining is enough to boost performance of the system.

How do you drain your water heater?

The system’s power should be cut off. Next, the pressure relief valve and other valve should be opened. Once both valves are opened, the water should be drained completely from the system. Once the tank is completely empty, temporarily cut on the cold water in order to remove the tough deposits. Once the system has been drained, hosed, and filled multiple times, the system is ready for use.

For households that don’t have a filtration system, it’s incredibly important to schedule a routine water heater cleaning. Doing this every
six months will remove the accumulated sediment and prevent the system from failing. Give Plumbing Solutions a call today at (803) 513-5749,
to get your water heater flushed properly in your West Columbia, SC home.