Tips to Keep Your Water Heater Performing at its Best

Tips to Keep Your Water Heater Performing at its Best

There are several ways you can help extend the life of your water heater and ensure it is working at top efficiency. The following tips can help your unit last longer, lower your energy bills, and avoid having to pay for costly water damage repairs.

1. Know where your heater is located: Do you even know where your water heater is? It is important you know where your water heater is located in your home and ensure you have a way of accessing it in an emergency. Some more compact units such as tankless heaters may be installed in small area or tucked away in a corner. In some cases, your heater may be installed in your home’s attic or basement.

2. Know what type of unit you have: Does your heater run on
natural gas, or propane? Is your unit a traditional tank heater or a
tankless variety? It is important you write down your unit’s brand, model, and serial number. This information is vital for warranty purposes and is usually one of the first questions a plumber will ask in the event that repairs are needed.

3. Know how to shut off your home’s water supply: In the event that a pipe should burst or a substantial leak should occur, it is imperative you know how to turn off the supply of water to contain the situation and prevent a massive flood. Furthermore, it is also important you know how to shut the fuel or power supply to your heater. There is usually a gas valve or disconnect switch located within a few feet of your unit. Be sure to keep any tools that may be required to shut off these valves or open your breaker box in close proximity and visible.

4. Keep the area around your heater clear: Gas-powered units need an adequate oxygen supply in order to burn the gas and operate efficiently. Smothering the unit can affect your heater’s performance and possibly cause damage to the burner chamber, reducing the life of your heater and possibly causing toxic carbon monoxide leaks. Keeping the area clear can also make it easier for you to identify leaks before they turn into large-scale disasters.

5. Perform periodic drains and flushes: It is important you have your heater drained or flushed at least once a year to clear out sediment buildup. This involves turning the temperature down and completely draining your tank. Then, turn the water back on with the draining valve open and allow the water to flow for about a minute. Once you no longer see sediment or debris, close the valve and reset the thermostat to the desired temperature.

6. Perform annual inspections: Visibly check out your heating unit every now and then to look for signs of wear and tear. Check for signs of corrosion, soot, charred metal, or rust. These may be signs of combustion issues and that it is time to have your unit professionally serviced.

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