Top 3 Fall Home Maintenance Disasters

Top 3 Fall Home Maintenance Disasters

A lot of times, you will have a situation in which a plumbing disaster is inevitable, yet you have absolutely no idea when this disaster will occur.

When you know there is a disaster coming your way, it is only smart to take preventative measures to stop these issues from becoming something that could completely destroy you or your Columbia home at the most inopportune times.

So, you hear a creaking sound coming from your pipes, the sound means that thermal expansion is getting the best of your plumbing if you don’t get it fixed and it creates a worse problem down the line, costing you thousands instead of hundreds of dollars to get it fixed, you can only blame yourself.

If you get it fixed and you never have plumbing issues, then you’re smart. It’s that easy.

Most problems began with very small with very subtle indicators that point out and hint at your need you need to consult a plumber immediately.

Do not make your life harder by being like hundreds of people who are too lazy to hire a plumber and have a disaster on your hands at an inopportune time, like your daughter’s birthday party or Thanksgiving, when all of the family is coming over.

Here are three subtle indicators that you will soon have a plumbing disaster on your hands:

1. Extremely High Water Pressure

Just like very high blood pressure can ruin the way that your body functions, very high water pressure can ruin the way that your plumbing functions and eventually come back to haunt you, and in the long run breaking down your plumbing system.

So, your Columbia home plumbing filled with the same high-pressure water you just said minutes ago doesn’t matter very much. It is now frozen during the night and during the day, the temperature rises and causes the water to expand, potentially bursting your pipes. The pressure only makes it worse, magnifying your chances of a plumbing disaster.

2. Terrible Water Quality

You know how you get watermarks and white spots all over your dishes, faucets and sinks, perhaps even your shower? If that’s how your shower door looks, can you imagine what’s going on inside your pipes? Hard water is one of the number one causes of premature plumbing damage.

3. Poor Workmanship

When a weekend warrior or some handyman attempts to work on your plumbing, it is the equivalent of the 12-year-old fixing hundreds of gourmet meals a day, from scratch.

Not always, yet the majority of the time, you can bet your money that a disaster will occur. You might as well order a back alley brain surgery to save a few bucks while you’re at it.

So, how can you prevent yourself from these plumbing disasters? Seek the help of a professional with more than 10 years of experience, make sure they are certified professionals with an amazing track record.

If it can go wrong, it will – unless you keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Call Plumbing Solutions, LLC at (803) 513-5749 to get your Columbia,
SC home inspected.