Difference Between Hard Water and Soft Water

Difference Between Hard Water and Soft Water

When you turn on the tap in your Columbia home, you see water coming out, and probably think nothing of it. But did you know that the actual type of water coming out of the tap will vary from place to place?

There are actually two water types – hard water and soft water. What determines if your water is hard or soft? It all depends on the mineral content of your water.

Hard Water

Hire a plumbing company, we deal with hard water frequently. A lot of times, hard water comes from the ground. It’s generally rain water that’s actually been absorbed, and during the water’s movement and absorption, it will pick up various minerals, including calcium, lime and sulfur.

Soft Water

Soft water is found most time in bodies of water, including rivers and lakes. Additionally, soft water is rain water that is collected in containers or in these bodies of water.

This means that there’s no ground absorption, which is what leads to minerals being absorbed and making hard water.

Is One Better Than the Other?

Like with anything, there are upsides and downsides to hard and soft water, so one isn’t necessarily better than the other.

When it comes to drinking water in your Columbia home, some may prefer hard water, because often times the added minerals will create a flavor that soft water does not have. Many bottled waters are filled with spring water, which is hard water absorbed in the ground, just as an example.

It’s also anecdotally been shown to have some health benefits, due to the minerals. Some of the downsides for hard water are that it tends to leave a deposit build up, and potential water spots on your dishes.

One of the soft water’s benefits is that it’s great for your skin, when it comes to washing your face or showering, because hard water’s minerals tend to dry your skin out, while soft water does not.

Also, when it comes to using your appliances at home, like your dishwasher or washing machine, they run better and rinse better. The most noticeable downside of soft water is that when you drink it, it has less taste than a hard water with minerals. But if you use a purifier, this should help with soft water’s taste.

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