Tips to Have a Functioning Garbage Disposal

Tips to Have a Functioning Garbage Disposal

How to Treat Your Garbage Disposal Right

As a plumbing company, we see lots of things. We certainly have our fair share of “Seriously?” moments. With that being said, we try to educate our Columbia customers the best way we can. We try to help them see the light.

This is Not Always a Possibility

Our clients are going to do what they are going to do. All we can do is try to point them in right direction. Lots of times when they call us out to look at a problem, the problem is relatively easy to fix. It’s our clients that usually complicate things.

In order to make it a bit easier on some of our newer customers, we have some tips on how to treat your Columbia home garbage disposal properly. If you are feeling so inclined, pass some of these tips along to your friends and family.

We can’t always help out everybody; but, we can help out a few along the way….

Use Cirtus

Citrus and grapefruits are kind of in season right now. We are entering into fall, soon it will be winter. Stock up on as many of these fruits as you can, both orange and grapefruits.

Take those left over peels and put them down the disposal. Allow cold water to accompany you along the process. Run cold water and the peels down. These peels will clean up the blades, clean them up like you have never seen. It will also freshen things up a bit.

Try it…see what happens.


This might be a bit of stretch, but hear us out. Just take a small fist-full of ice cubes and stick them down the drain. Allow cold water to run down at the same time. This will clear out any of the junk in there.

The cubes will also remove any foul-smelling odor that is down in there. If you really want to go crazy, add some rock salt or vinegar in there. You’d be amazed at how clean your disposal will be and how good it will smell.

And the Volcano Erupts

Sprinkle about a quarter to a half a cup of baking soda down your disposal. Pour about one cup of vinegar down afterwards. This will begin to foam up a bit. It’s supposed to. That means it’s doing it’s job. Once it’s all done cleaning out the disposal, run some cold water inside, just to flush things out.

Want some more tips? Go on our site. We provide updates regularly. This is a great way for us to stay in touch. You don’t need us to make a house call all the time. You can take this matter into your own hands. These are some fun ways to clean up your disposal, without making it boring in the process.

Time to get your Columbia, SC home garbage disposal ready for the holiday season. Call Plumbing Solutions, LLC at (803) 513-5749 today.