Why is Your Water Discolored?

Why is Your Water Discolored?

Question? You go to your Columbia home kitchen sink, grab a glass from the cupboard, turn on the water – then yikes! The water you wanted to drink is discolored; sort of cloudy or milky and, on occasion, the color of a rainbow -yellow, red and brown.

Next, you become so concerned that you begin to check the water on a frequent basis to make sure it’s clear when doing laundry, using your dishwasher or making something as simple as ice cubes.

Reason #1 – Yellow, Red Or Brown Water – Take Your Pick!

Look folks! Discolored water in your home where you bathe, eat, shower and use water to cook and clean as well as feeding your pets and watering the yards can be a frightening conundrum.

But, it’s not an overpoweringly serious situation. The fact is discolored water can, and often is, the result of various controlled and uncontrolled events in the distribution system.

You know, things like the break of a water main, the use of a nearby hydrants for fire-fighting as well as water main flushing which is a common occurrence. Actually, the fact is that although these weird happenings occur, they are usually temporary and in most cases totally harmless and no cause for alarm.your

Reason #2 – Cause Of Discolored Water In Your Home!

Unfortunately, much of America’s water infrastructure is old and rusted. The water we all use must travel miles via a series of pipes that have seen their day. Ergo, various types of sediment has, and will continue to be built up on the walls of those pipes that means by the time it hits your home or office, it can leach sediment and turn your water brown, yellow, red and orange.

Some of the possible causes of discolored water would include a “main” break. Water is delivered to homes and businesses through a network of underground pipes and can fail due to age, corrosion and damage.

Reason #3 – Solutions!

Discolored water in your Columbia home doesn’t pose any serious heath risks it’s just, well, an uncomfortable site while showering or taking a bath when the water isn’t crystal clear. The best thing you can do to rid yourself of discolored water, is if it’s a city water problem, consider having a whole-house water filtration system installed.

Then the water in your home or office building will be clear every time you turn on the tap.

If your water is discolored in your Columbia, SC home, call Plumbing Solutions, LLC at (803) 513-5749 today, and we’ll solve the problem for you!