Prevent a Garbage Disposal Disaster During Thanksgiving

Prevent a Garbage Disposal Disaster During Thanksgiving

Garbage Disposal Emergency

Holiday time is a wonderful time to have family and relatives gather, and it goes without saying that a central aspect of this time is the traditional dinner with all the trimmings!

However, nothing can quite put a damper on the festivities as quickly as a plumbing emergency.

One of the more common plumbing emergencies that can occur is the use of the garbage disposal in the kitchen sink, as many folks often overestimate items that can or should be placed within this appliance, and making a wrong choice can quickly lead to trouble! To that end, a few general steps should be observed.

No Bones Down the Drain

First and foremost, keeping bones and gristle out of the disposal is critical. Turkey bones, for example, can jam the mechanism or splinter and cause breakage, and such items can quickly lead to the sink becoming clogged or having to retrieve the jam by way of taking the drain or disposal apart from below, which can be both costly and time consuming.

To prevent issues in your Columbia home, throwing large bones away directly is a safer course of action, and limiting the disposal to smaller, more manageable components is key to its performance and maintaining drainage flow.

No Grease Down the Drain

Secondly, another common issue is grease. Many folks pour hot grease down the drain during or after their meal, and doing so can lead to the disposal jamming or damage or the drainpipe or mechanisms.

Extensive damage could lead to the need to replace the unit, so caution is key! Grease should be disposed of in a sealed container rather than poured out down the sink.

Use a Drain Snake

Lastly, an issue that is seen almost universally with garbage disposal units in your Columbia is clogging. Even with smaller food items or residues, units can back up or stop working. To that end, check visually to see if a clog can be seen from above, as these can sometimes be dislodged with running water or a plunger.

A drain snake can sometimes loosen these items too. If those do not solve the problem, then a professional plumbing company can assist in resolving the clog. Reaching into the disposal directly to remove clogged items is not recommended, as this is dangerous and can cause serious injury!

With a little caution on the front end, a happy holiday and a well-running garbage disposal can be assured for all!

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