10 Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom

10 Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom

Your bathroom should be one of the most beautiful spaces in your home. Here are 10 simple ways to make this private space gorgeous.

Install Little Touches

A toilet paper holder, ornate garbage pail, and pretty hand towels make a huge difference in your bathroom. You can also install a matching shower curtain for added flair.

Texture the Walls

Use a paint sponge to add a splash of color to your bathroom. Finish the look with a pretty border in grape vine or birdhouse designs.

Add Decorative Soap

A simple soap dish in trendy colors makes a huge statement. You can also add seashell-shaped soap to give your bathroom a cozy look.

Include a Rug

Plush rugs aren’t just for bedrooms. A gorgeous plush rug in front of your toilet or tub in muted hues gives you bathroom an inviting appeal.

Wall Sconces Add Lighting

Install 2 wall sconces on either side of your wall opposite your vanity. Place yellow lights in the sconces to give your bathroom luster.

Upgrade your Flooring

Linoleum that doesn’t have to be glued down is an easy installation. Simply cut linoleum in checker print, granite styles, or rock designs to give your bathroom an easy upgrade.

Install Brass Fixtures

Brass fixtures update your bathroom and give it a more classic look. Switch your shower and sink fixtures to brass for a major difference you’ll love.

Change your Color Scheme

Your color scheme may be boring. Add some gender-neutral dazzle by switching to gold, earth tones, soft greens, or even maroon towels and rugs.

Install a Glass Shower Door

If your bathroom is small, a glass shower door can make it appear larger. A glass shower door is also easier to clean than a shower curtain, and gives you the privacy you need.

Add Ornate Shelving

You can place shelves above your toilet or in replace of a towel rack to give you a handy location for storing lotions, toilet paper, and magazine. Opt for brass or wooden shelves for that perfect touch.

These 10 ways to make your bathroom more beautiful are all relatively inexpensive, and easy to do. Choose them all, or pick just a few of these ideas to give this private space a whole new appeal you’ll love.

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