The 5 Most Common Clogs in Toilets

The 5 Most Common Clogs in Toilets

People, sometimes unknowingly, sometimes accidentally and sometimes foolishly, flush all kind of things they shouldn’t down the

Televisions commercials can be comical, when a toilet overflows, but a real-life sewer backup is no laughing matter. Here are the five most common clogs in toilets:

Paper Products

1) Toilet Paper: Yes, the most frequent type of clog in a toilet is caused by the exact thing designed to go down it. Toilet paper can stop up a commode if either too much paper is used or the paper is wrapped too tightly.

If it is necessary to use large quantities of toilet tissue the best thing to do is flush once, to empty the bowl of waste, and then do the paper work.

Additionally, the paper will go down the drain much easier if it is folded rather than balled up, as a ball will expand in size as soon as it hit the water.

2) Feminine Products: Just the pure size of feminine hygiene products will cause a clog. Because both are designed specifically to absorb moisture, sanitary napkins and tampons will rapidly expand in water and do a bang-up job of clogging the toilet.

Also, most sanitary pads use plastic linings, that don’t dissolve. Feminine product should also be wrapped and then disposed of in the trash, never the toilet.

Non-Biodegradable Matter

3) Human Hair and Pet Fur: Large amounts of hair can quickly clog up the commode. Break the habit of cleaning brushes and then flushing the hair down the toilet.

As hair does not dissolve, if the toilet becomes clogged by the continual flushing of large volumes of hair the only solution will be calling in a professional to snake the drain.

4) Accidents: The most persistent clogs are typically due to objects unintentionally being dropped in the bowl and unknowingly flushed.

A toothbrush or razor falls off of the sink, or a child loses a toy, and the toilet is flushed before noticing the object can spell water all over the floor in capital letters. The best way to prevent this is to always look before flushing.

Sanitizing Products

5) Bowl Fresheners: Often times the hang-over-the-rim type of toilet bowl deodorant will come lose from its hanger and cause a clog. The simple way to avoid this problem is to use a deodorant designed to be placed in the tank, not the bowl.

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