The Top Five Bathroom Trends

The Top Five Bathroom Trends

Many homeowners are very frustrated with their bathrooms and how they look and how they are laid out.

There are many new options out there that will update this area, make it more attractive and appealing, and increase the value of your home in the process.

These currently trending options are endless, but there are a few new ones that stand out as truly notable. These include:

True Colors

Pastels and various shades of white used to be the most common colors in bathrooms but now almost anything goes. Black and white, aqua and brown, orange and green, periwinkle blue and cream, and a wide range of tones are now acceptable in residential bathrooms.

Space-Saving Ideas

Guest baths, half baths, and the bathrooms in smaller homes are the best places for some of the newest in smaller sized tub, shower, toilet, and sink designs.

Sinks can be attached directly to a wall without using up space with a cabinet, showers can be tucked into corners, and toilets can be suspended from the wall without taking any floorspace. Not only do these new fixtures take very little room, they also look great.

The Focus is on the Shower

Many have come to realize that bathtubs are obsolete. Most families without very young children rarely spend time in a tub but would prefer an extra large, extra luxurious shower with state-of-the-art tile and shower heads. New designs for bathrooms may include this concept and, if there is space and a need for it, a free-standing soaker tub added.

Counter Offers

The kitchen is the space a person thinks of when considering counters, but the bathroom is the next area where there are more many options to consider.

Bathroom counters can now be constructed of a variety of materials including concrete, marble, quartz, limestone, granite, tile and laminate. The choice will depend on personal preference and budget.

Sink Options

A bathroom sink used to consist of a round white ceramic impression in your counter top. Now it has become a very creative focal point of this small but high traffic area.

It can be made of copper bowls, brass tubs, marble or ceramic squares, or even galvanized steel buckets, depending on your decorating scheme. Common items not normally considered can become a decorative and functional water receptacle in your unique restroom.

Satisfaction is guaranteed when the renovations are complete. The end results will result in more efficiency, space, and creativity. Your bathrooms will not be just small functional rooms but also relaxing and refreshing areas for family and friends.

Keep up with the latest trends for your Columbia bathroom. Call Plumbing Solutions at (803) 513-5749 today and see what you can do.