Blog Posts in july, 2015

  • How Low-Flow Fixtures Help You Save On Water

    The average water pressure in a residence is 40 to 80 pounds per square inch (psi). That pressure could be reduced to as little as 20 psi and increased to as much as 125 psi. Low-Flow Rate A low-flow rate fixture will use anywhere from 1.25 GPM from a shower head to 1.6 gallons of water per toilet flush and 1.5 GPM from a low-flow sink or tub faucet. Choosing a low-flow rate fixture cuts down on …

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  • 5 Summer Plumbing Tips

    Summer is finally here, and people love to spend time enjoying the nice weather and fun activities. But, you must not ignore the fact that a plumbing related problem can occur. The summer months are a prime time for plumbing issues that may not occur at other times of the year. So, in the summer […]

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  • Tips for Dealing with a Plumbing Emergency

    The best way to deal with a potential plumbing emergency is being proactive in your approach. This means taking small steps well in advance of any problem so that if the situation were ever to arise, you can minimize the damage and get help as quickly as possible to your premises to make the repair. Follow these three simple tips for dealing with a plumbing emergency and you will be in the best …

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  • The Top Five Bathroom Trends

    Many homeowners are very frustrated with their bathrooms and how they look and how they are laid out. There are many new options out there that will update this area, make it more attractive and appealing, and increase the value of your home in the process. These currently trending options are endless, but there are a few new ones that stand out as truly notable. These include: True Colors Pastels …

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