Pet Owners Plumbing Tips

Pet Owners Plumbing Tips

Furniture and carpeting is not the only items in your Columbia home that can suffer due to cat and dog’s hair shedding, but inside and outdoor pipes suffer as well. This potential issue can be prevented by just ensuring that a few simple measures are taken and followed at all times, by every household member.

Close Toilet Lid

It is common to often find your cherished pet drinking water from the toilet, so be sure to keep the lid closed. Not only must you be sure to do this simple task, but remind all other household members to ensure this is done.

Toilet water can contain residue from harsh cleaning chemicals and that can be harmful if your pet ingests it.

Digging Carefully

Dogs naturally seem to enjoy digging when outdoors. Of course they should enjoy this pleasure but keep your eye on them as they do.

Often sewer or water lines can be only a few inches under the lawn’s surface, so if your pet loves digging holes, just be sure they do not dig and chew a sewer or water line. Also be sure that household drains are securely covered so pets cannot access them, which can cause harm.

Avoid Cat Litter Flushing

Never flush cat litter in the toilet. Simply gather the litter waste, put it inside a baggy and place it inside the trash. Many brands claim to be totally flushable but it can clog a toilet.

As soon as cat litter accumulates in a drain, it never fully dissolves, so limit flushing only for toilet paper and waste. Flushing the cat litter should be avoided at all costs, especially in a septic tank.

Pet Bath Time

When giving your pet a bath, always use drain strainers inside the tub or a sink. Using this little mechanism can prevent animal hair from getting inside the drain. Some pets shed more than others, particularly dogs, so be sure to take this easy step in protecting your drain, avoiding potential clogs and water from moving too slowly.

If the weather is nice and you have the space, consider giving your little furry friend a bath outdoors to avoid any drain problems in your Columbia home.

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