The Importance of Backflow Testing

The Importance of Backflow Testing

Protect Your Family’s Health with Backflow Testing

Most people don’t give a second thought to the cleanliness of the water that comes from a faucet. The expectation is that if it comes from a clean source, it will remain that way.

While this is mostly true, it is possible for water from a clean source to become contaminated when it comes in contact with dirty water. How does this happen?

It happens when there is a link between clean, potable (drinkable) water and dirty water. The link is called a cross-connection. There are several ways cross-connections may occur.

How Backflow Occurs

Connecting a hose to water source and dropping it into a dirty bucket while filling the bucket with water creates a cross-connection. It is a cross-connection because the dirty water is linked to the clean water source.

When the water source is turned off, vacuum action can occur, which pulls dirty water back into the pipe that carries the clean water. This action is also known as backflow or back siphonage. Back flow can also happen in sinks when there is a sewage backup.

Why Backflow Can Harm Your Family’s Health

When unsanitary water flows back into your clean water source, disease-causing bacteria can make your family sick. It only takes a small amount of these pathogens to cause major illness, and some of them can be deadly.

Untreated sewer water may contain pathogens like E.Coli, which lives in the intestines of animals and humans. E. Coli and similar bacteria can cause symptoms that include diarrhea and vomiting and may lead to kidney failure.

The pathogen can also cause death, especially in individuals with weak immune systems. Individuals that may have weak immune systems include older adults, young children and persons with conditions such as cancer and diabetes. Now it is easy to see why backflow testing can protect your family’s health.

How a Plumber Can Help You Avoid Backflow Issues

It is easy to have your water supply checked for backflow issues. A professional plumber has the knowledge, skills and tools to evaluate your system to see if your water is at risk for contamination due to backflow. The only sure way to prevent back flow is to avoid a cross connection, but this is not always possible.

The next best thing is a backflow prevention valve or device. Your plumber can repair or install a backflow prevention device where needed to protect your clean water from contamination.

Don’t take a chance with your family’s health. Contact a plumber for backflow testing and avoid exposing your family to contaminated water.

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