Signs You Have a Hidden Water Leak

Signs You Have a Hidden Water Leak

While no homeowner wants to experience a water leak, they can occur when pipes age, the ground shifts, or the weather changes precipitously, leaving you with a short-term mess and some options to consider.

One of the keys to limiting the cost of the cleanup is to actually detect and locate the leak as soon as possible. That way, there will be less standing water or water damage for your plumbing people to clean up.

Here are 5 Signs You Have a Hidden Water Leak:

Water Doesn’t Always Drain From the Shower

If you end up with standing water upon occasion in your Columbia shower, it could be the case that your shower drain has clogged. If you check it and find out that it is not the shower drain, then it is time to call the plumber.

You likely have problems with corroded outflow pipes, roots blocking your outflows, or a water table that has risen and caused the sewer from the street to flood your outflow pipe.

Water Pools Outside

If your Columbia pipes run under gravel or any grass area where cars are parked periodically, you might see a pool starting to form in the area where a water pipe has been compromised, especially if those water pipes are made from plastic. Plumbers can detect this type of problem right away and implement a fix quickly.

Your Water Pressure Drops

If you have an older home, it is possible sometimes to have a water pressure change that is due to you pipes failing. The horrible thing is that they may not actually fail in a very visible way.

Instead, they might develop a leak that causes even more damage over time because it isn’t detected. By having a plumber in once a year to check the pipes out, they can measure the expected performance and tell you where you pipes will fail and why.

Your Basement is Full of Water

No surprises here. When it rains or the water table gets to high, it can overwhelm any system that you have in place to port water to other parts of your yard. The answer is to take a look at having your plumber add a sump pump or another sump pump if it looks like it will become a chronic problem.

Your Hot Water Bill Goes Up

It is possible for your hot water tank to spring a leak that can cause it to constantly refill and use more electricity or gas to create more hot water.

To forestall that, if you have a plumber come out for maintenance on your pipes, you should ask them to look at your hot water heater at that time in order to verify that it remains sound.

Don’t be submerged by the water in your Columbia, SC home. Call Plumbing Solutions LLC at (803) 513-5749 today, and get that water leak fixed now!