What Are Some of the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions?

What Are Some of the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions?

One of the advantages of relying upon professional cleaning and maintenance of household pipes by a professional plumbingcompany involves freedom from relying upon commercially available (but harsh) chemical drain cleaning products.

Homeowners can sanitize and clean toilet bowls, sinks and other fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen effectively without utilizing this potentially hazardous class of chemicals. Some excellent reasons to avoid these products whenever possible include the following:

Storage Issues

Keeping chemical cleaners around the home requires a high level of responsibility in maintaining storage of these items in a place where young children and family pets will not accidentally come into contact with them and sustain serious injuries or death.

Commercial drain cleaning products generally depend upon high concentrations of either alkaline or acidic products. The alkaline varieties usually rely upon sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide; they may be available in either a powdered or a liquid form. Acidic drain cleaners tend to be liquid exclusively. They depend heavily upon harsh sulfuric acid in varying concentrations.

As you might imagine, storage of these products over the long term can pose safety issues. At the very least, these items should be kept in locked cabinets at a sufficient height to prevent youngsters and pets from accessing them inadvertently when the doors are opened. Why? Unfortunately, every year medical and veterinary emergencies occur because of chemical burns caused by contact with these harsh chemicals.

Protracted contact with skin surfaces creates nasty burns. Additionally, ingesting these products accidentally, or inhaling them, may cause internal injuries, including long term esophageal, throat and lung problems.

If using these chemicals, make absolutely certain that the material does not splash accidentally onto eyes or mucus membranes. Usually a better solution involves calling a plumber to professionally, reliably, clean a clogged drain.

Corrosive Effects

Chemical drain cleaning products also impose a heavy duty of responsible environmental use upon home owners. Because of the harsh chemicals involved, these solutions may corrode metal surfaces. Consequently, they require careful disposal. Containers need to undergo specific landfill hazardous waste handling in many jurisdictions.

Additionally, consumers sometimes discover to their sorrow that the use of these harsh cleaners damaged the underlying pipes in a home. Commercial drain cleaners can cause certain types of pipes to corrode more rapidly.

A small clog issue may balloon into a leak. Therefore we recommend contacting a professional plumbing service to clean pipes and drains effectively.

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