Once winter lets go of it’s cold grip, warmer weather means more homeowners can tend to take tasks around the home they have been putting off for many months.

Taking the time in the spring to make certain the home is more energy efficient next winter will not only improve the conditions in your home, it will also help you to save money throughout the year. Here are three tips on how to make your home energy efficient this spring.

Draining the Water Heater

The water heater runs more frequently than all the other appliances combined because it needs to deliver hot water on demand.

During this extended use, many deposits accumulate in the water heater tank, causing the line to become clogged and the flow of water to be significantly reduced.

Attach a hose to the front of your water heater connection, run the hose to the curb, and open the valve to drain the water and mineral deposits in your tank. The end result, your tank will be deposit free and the unit will last much longer.

Seal the Openings Around Water Valves

Take a walk around your home and take a close look at the water valves connected to the sides of the house. Many times these connections are not flush, and the openings not only invite unwanted pests like termites, ants, and roaches into the house, it allows outside air to easily penetrate the perimeter of the home too.

Seal these openings with a good flexible caulk, make certain it is waterproof as well. This will help to reduce your energy costs for heating and cooling the home, as well as eliminating pests from causing an infestation within the walls.

Install Low Flow Toilets

Low flow toilets do the exact same job as the traditional toilet, except they use a fraction of the water each time they are flushed.

Consider that the average family of four is in the bathroom about three times each day, flushing the toilet that many times uses a huge amount of water.

Installing low flow toilets will not only help cut down on your utility costs, you will be doing your part to help conserve this limited natural resource.

Taking the time to do these little tips this spring will help you save money all year long. If you are not familiar with any procedures, contact your local plumbing repair company so they can assist.

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