What is Hydrojetting?

What is Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is the latest in drain clearing technology for both homes and businesses. The old methods involve metal “snakes” that most often just break a clog up leaving debris. Later the clogs rebuild. Another method uses spinning metal blades, a “rooter,” that can damage pipes.
Hydrojetting uses high-pressure water in one or several jet streams with enough force to break up clogs and cut roots without normally damaging drainpipes. The jets hit at every possible angle. Additionally, debris is completely removed avoiding clogs rebuilding.

Hydrojetting Grease

Grease builds up downstream of kitchen drains no matter what. In months and years the grease builds into deposits, in combination with other waste, that chemical drain openers fail to clear completely. So-called environmentally safe enzyme formulas can’t “eat” all the accumulation and may leave debris. Hydrojetting breaks up all the grease and deposits.

Hydrojetting Roots

Roots will infiltrate any sewer pipe with any flaw, even at the micro level. A root seeks the nutrients and moisture available, enters any crack widening it, and eventually builds the hardest to remove clogs. With hydrojetting, main drains are cleared and maintained extending the life of the system and rarely damages the pipe.

Hydrojetting Debris

Professional plumbers don’t want “call-backs.” They want the sewer system cleared for years ahead. Hydrojetting forces the accumulation of debris out to the service provider’s main sewer where it is easily taken away for processing. The old methods rarely remove all the debris and simply set the stage for new clogs, sometimes only weeks later. The primary cause of persistent drain clogs is residue that was not removed when the service was provided.

The hydrojetting process allows for repairs that don’t require totally removing the old piping, an incredible expense. After a complete cleaning of the system, resins can be applied to seal breaks and cracks with special equipment. Otherwise, regular hydrojetting maintains the system for years of continued service.

The complexity of any sewage and drainage system requires a professional. Every system is different. An experienced plumber knows that, and they are prepared for any scenario. Then given the high cost of hydrojetting equipment, it’s not a do-it-yourself job. Hydrojetting does a complete drain clearing, no debris is left to rebuild a new clog, and the system is renewed for many years of service.

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