What Do I Need to Look For When Hiring a Plumber?

What Do I Need to Look For When Hiring a Plumber?

If you are suddenly faced with that dreadful emergency of discovering that you have to hire a plumber, the last thing you want to do is panic. This is not the time to have a nervous breakdown because there are three important things that you must consider before selecting a plumbing service. So calm down, and listen up!


The very first thing you absolutely need to investigate is whether or not the plumber is licensed. When a plumber is licensed, this means that the individual has met the requirement of the state in which he is operating. All states require contractors or specialty contractors such as plumbers, to be licensed and the state assigns a number to this licensed plumber. This number must be shown on all of the plumber’s marketing material including any websites. So it won’t be hard for you to find out whether the company you are thinking about hiring is licensed or not. It is important that you only use a plumber who is licensed, because if you hire one who is not, then any damage that the plumber does will leave you unprotected for recourse. Also, if the plumber does not correct the problem, the state will assist you in a remedy as well.


Plumbers should carry Commercial General Insurance. While it sounds complicated it really isn’t. Just think about your car insurance. All states require that car owners carry liability insurance. It’s the same way with contractors, and specialty contractors such as plumbers. Plumbers are required to carry liability insurance to protect themselves as well as you. Therefore, an insured plumber is a double shield against damages or lost. You would be able to file a claim to his insurance company if you experience damages or lost from his work.


Selecting an experienced plumber to do your work is a no brainer. Again, think of your car to understand the reasoning. Would you let someone who has never worked on a car try and fix your transmission or replace the brakes on your car? So, if you think about it, you would not want a plumber who has no idea of how to stop the sewage that’s coming up through your bathtub to address the problem would you? It may take you a couple of hours to research the list of plumbers in your area, but your diligent research will save you thousands of dollars.

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