What Are The Precautions To Take When Discovering A Leak In My Home?

What Are The Precautions To Take When Discovering A Leak In My Home?

Why That Leak In Your Home Can’t Be Ignored

What’s that you say? You hear water dripping from somewhere in your home? Maybe it’s oozing out of a ceiling. Or dripping from a pipe under the kitchen sink. In any case, leaks within a house are part of home owning, correct? Just grab a bucket and some rags for now, and those pipes can be tightened at a later time. But even a small leak can have sizeable hidden costs.

Water dripping from a sink can move into wall baseboards, that can lead to the forming of mold. That annoying little wet spot under the sink can lead to entire walls having to be replaced. In winter months, that escaping water can cause pipes to freeze. As a result, pipes may crack and break.

Aside from the expense of replacing such damaged plumbing, extremely low outside temperatures may cause delays in repairing this plumbing emergency. And of course, leaking is a waste of a finite resource. What might seem like a small leak can actually fill multiple bathtubs if left unattended. That’s an awful lot of unusable water that you’re paying for. We can help with our plumbing services.

Precautions To Take After Discovering A Leak

If water is leaking through an electrical fixture (such as water dripping from the ceiling into an overhead light), cease to use of the electrical fixture immediately until the leak can be found and corrected. An electrician will need to be called as well to determine if there’s been electrical damage and correct it before use is resumed.

If the precise source of a leak can be determined, such as a sink, these fixtures often have cut off valves that allow direct water flow through them to be temporarily ceased. If homeowners fear an immediate safety issue in the aftermath of discovered leakage, they can shut off water throughout the house as well.

Should Homeowners Fix Leaks Themselves?

Water leaks within a home seem deceptively benign. That slow dripping however, is often disguising a larger problem that has been getting worse over time.

Although those ads for home improvement stores insist homeowners can be their own plumbers, professionals have the training and experience to quickly locate the source of leaks, and diagnose the problem.

They also have the proper equipment to make repairs effectively, without causing further damage to plumbing systems and other parts of the home. They can also correctly install more effective water systems within homes, adding to fewer future leakage problems, and greater water savings.

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