How and Why You Should Repipe Your Home

How and Why You Should Repipe Your Home

When Should I Repipe My Home?

The first step in the process of finding out if your house needs to be repiped is going through each room and inspecting it for leaks. If you notice large (often orange to yellow in color) stains along the walls it’s because a pipe has busted or the pipes are starting to leak. These are the most common reason to repipe a house but often causes the most damage to the interior of a home. We can help you with our
repiping services.

Another warning sign that a house needs to be repiped is lower water pressure from your faucets. If you’re starting to notice your faucets are losing pressure, it’s time to seek repiping advice for your home. The pipes in your space can start to rust and cause build up within the tubing of the pipe. This leads to water being backed up in the unit and a loss of pressure on the output.In conjunction with old piping, always keep a close eye on the quality of water being output within your home. If you notice that the water coming from the faucet is a brownish yellow color, it means the pipes are rusting. The rust contaminates the water and can cause health problems to the individuals that use this water if it’s not treated.

Length Of Repiping Process

The repiping process is usually quick and very easy on the individuals that live, or work, within the area. Companies try and schedule their work hours around when you will be gone, or busy, to ensure that you’re still able to use your water. However, it’s important to take into consideration the size of a space when trying to calculate the time it will take to repipe. Smaller homes (2 bedrooms or less) can take less than a day (24 hours) in order to repipe. Larger homes with more square footage can take upwards of up to 4 to 5 days.

Using A Specialist

The last piece of a advice an individual needs to be aware of is the person they hire to repipe an area. It’s highly recommended that a person contract a repipe specialist over a run-of-the-mill plumber. The reason behind this is that many plumbers are specialist in fixing the pipes rather than replacing them. A seasoned repiping specialist can replace the old parts and install the new ones quicker and more efficiently.

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