The Secret to Lowering Your Water Bill

The Secret to Lowering Your Water Bill

Imagine this. It is winter and you live North Dakota. You have invited guests for a few days and then you all plan to leave for a warmer climate. A few minutes before they arrive you check the toilet in their room and, oh no, the toilet is not working. You immediately call the plumber and he fixes the problem in a few minutes. Whew! That was close. Then you leave for the tropics. You have radiant heat but you just didn’t have time to call the plumber and have all your pipes drained and antifreeze put in them. Guess what? You return home only to find that your pipes froze and your home is flooded. Now you call the best professional plumber and he gives you a whopping big estimate to repair your system. You have no choice but to do it. Meanwhile, you check with your insurance company and try to recoup some of the damage. You are now living in a motel waiting for the repairs to be completed.

These two stories are not all that uncommon. What many of us fail to do is to neglect to have our water and plumbing systems checked regularly by a professional plumber. We look at our water bill and complain that it is too high. We are consuming too much water. So we search the Internet for tips on how to save on water. We start following these ideas and we do save some money but our bills are still too high. What we often do is to check the obvious like faucets, toilets and showers. Toilets use the most water. Older toilets use about three gallons of water for each flush. We can have new energy efficient toilets installed that use just over one gallon. We can even have a two lever flush system where you can flush just liquids and a second lever for bulk waste. We can install energy efficient shower- heads and replace our old faucets with new energy savings units.

This a noble first try. However, many of the real problems are overlooked and only a professional plumber can find and repair them. We could have a slow drain that is slowing destroying our pipes. Or our garbage disposal is not working properly. If you have radiant heat you may have a leak in one of the pipes and are losing water without knowing it. The same may be true for your hot water heater. Then, too, you may have a sump that is not working properly. Or you could be getting a back up from you septic tank. It needs to be drained and your leach field as well.

To avoid major and costly disasters call your plumber and set up a regular inspection plan. Many offer them as a complimentary service. You will have peace of mind and enjoy life more fully.

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