Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes

Why Does a Plumbing System Freeze?

Freezing and busting pipes are one of the many things that home and business owners fear in the winter season. It is not uncommon for the plumbing of a residence to freeze or even bust given the low temperatures during the winter.

Although it is a common issue, it can be easily avoided. There are certain things you can do around the home to better prepare your pipes for winter and aid in the prevention of freezing or busting. If there are cabinets in the home, it is best to leave them open. Most homes have plumbing that runs between the walls of a home.

Leaving cabinets open allow warm air to flow through more freely through to the pipes. Another approach is to leave water dripping during times of really low temperatures that usually come during early morning and late at night. These are the times that pipes are most likely to freeze or bust, so it may not be necessary to leave water on in the day.

How Can I Prevent This?

Even when taking the above precautions, you may still need to take further measures. It is in your best interest to have a professional winterize and evaluate your plumbing. A professional can determine what is best for different areas of the home as they will not require the same steps and measures. Areas of the home that are not heated will need to be insulated.

Pipes that are exposed to the harsh climate of winter can freeze, crack, or even bust. Outside plumbing will need to be winterized as well. Pipes or facets that run outside are much more likely to freeze and have other issues since they have the least insulation. A professional can turn off the valves to those certain areas and drain all water from the lines to prevent it from freezing and cracking.

You may also find it beneficial to have those outside facets covered as well. During a plumbing weatherization, a professional may find areas of the home that should be sealed or caulked. This will close off any gaps and keep the cold air out and warm air in which will save you on energy costs as well.

Why Is It Important to Keep This from Happening?

It is important to keep any and all pipes from freezing. If a pipe freezes, it can cause the pipe to crack or bust. In the event that a pipe was to crack or bust, it could cause water damage inside the home and could leave you without water to other areas of the home until it is fix.

Hiring a professional to weatherize your plumbing is money well spent compared to the cost of the repairs.

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