Reasons to Get a Garbage Disposal Unit for Your Home

Reasons to Get a Garbage Disposal Unit for Your Home

You enjoy eating, and maybe you’re lucky enough to have most of your meals prepared at home. The only problem is the dishes. After the meal you have to scrape all the food remnants into the trash and then lug the trash out to your garbage can. This can be a chore, especially during storms. Others in your family might even complain about the inconvenience. You certainly don’t enjoy the task. Have you ever thought of having a garbage disposal installed? Garbage disposals offer many benefits. They save you a lot of time. Instead of having to take a trip every day, you get rid of all those food scraps with the flip of a switch. They are also more sanitary. Food in your garbage can rots until it is collected.

Food rots when microorganisms, such as germs and viruses, grow in it. These microorganisms reproduce at a fast rate, filling your garbage can. Every time you throw something away, you are exposing yourself. A garbage disposal, on the other hand, grinds the food into little pieces and flushes them down the drain. There are no remnants to attract germs.

Another danger with food in your garbage can is that it attracts unwanted visitors. Some can be as harmless as your neighbor’s dog, rummaging for food. You can also attract mice, roaches, and all sorts of other creatures. In addition to sanitation issues, having a garbage disposal is a great time saver. What could you do with an extra three to five minutes each day? Sure, it may not seem like much, but over time those minutes really add up.

Another area having a garbage disposal is helpful is in your plumbing. Whether you wash your dishes by hand, or have a dishwasher, many particles of food still get flushed down your drain. Over time, grease coats your plumbing. Food particles get caught in the grease and eventually cause your plumbing to become plugged. A garbage disposal eliminates this problem as well. The food particles are very small after being ground up and they
are flushed by any grease build-up with ease.

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