What causes my faucets to drip?

What causes my faucets to drip?

A dripping faucet is both annoying and expensive. The steady drip can keep people awake at night and their water bill rising. Left unaddressed it can cause a host of other problems. There are several common causes of dripping faucets. Identifying them can help you stop the drip and prevent it from returning in the future after having a faucet repair conducted.

Worn or Damaged Parts

One of the most common reasons for dripping faucets damaged or worn parts. If your faucet develops a drip, it often means you need to replace the washer on the inside of the tap. The washer provides a seal in compression faucets. Over time it can become worn, broken, or damaged. If you have a ball and drip faucet or a cartridge faucet, they do not have washers. However, there is an O ring, inlets and outlet seals that may be damaged.

Old Cartridges

If you have a cartridge faucet and you develop a leak, the cartridge may need to be replaced. This is a relatively simple repair. All that’s required is for the homeowner to remove the old cartridge, take it to the hardware store, and have the proprietor give you a replacement the matches it exactly. They can also measure the cartridge before removing it.

Too Much Water Pressure

Another reason faucets develop leaks is because of the water pressure. If your faucet only drips at certain times of the day or when you do certain things, the water pressure could be the reason for the leak. When the water pressure is too high it can lead to back-ups in the system. The most common places are the toilet overflow tanks or another faucet. If the drip is not too serious, you can reduce the water pressure and the leak will stop.

Bad or Broken Plumbing

Sometimes a dripping faucet can be caused by broken pipe fitting or a broken pipe. Over time your plumbing can wear down and cracks can develop. These leaks are often found under the sink. It can lead to a reduced water pressure. This type of leak only drips from time to time.

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