How Long Does It Take to Re-pipe Your Home

How Long Does It Take to Re-pipe Your Home

As a plumbing company that arrives ready to work, with either a one-man or two man crew depending on the work involved, we like to say we can re-pipe your bathroom and be out of your house in one day.

To do that, there is a certain process we have to go through in order to ensure that none of the steps we take get bogged down. We have to determine first how we are going to get to the horizontal pipes, whether by accessing the crawlspace, cutting the floor, digging or worse. Then, we have to figure out how we are getting to the vertical lines. Those can present a problem often times when the only access is through the tile of a bathtub or shower or behind a built in cabinet. Locating the pipes, and remediation of the surrounding materials so they can be accessed is the hardest part of the job.

Plumbing codes are pretty specific about what materials and methods we will use when we do the installation. Sometimes, we will be required to use like materials. Other times, we will be required to remove all the old stuff and install new. The best results are when we can install ABS for drains, and put copper on copper and pex on pex.

Delays usually occur when the pipe was not located properly. Older methods of finding pipes tend to be exploratory in nature, whereas newer methods use cameras and electronic locators. Usually, however, at some point, you will have to dig in, cut in, or remove whatever is in your way to get to the pipe. After the pipe has been removed and replaced, plumbers will usually leave things like re-installation of drywall, cabinetry, or flooring the craftsmen of those respective fields.

Our work will be done when the new systems are in and properly tested. Testing and inspections may have to be set for a different day, unless you have a super job-site organizer and can guarantee that we’ll never have any unforeseen complications. If we do, call it a two day job.

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