Blog Posts in june, 2014

  • How Long Does It Take to Re-pipe Your Home

    As a plumbing company that arrives ready to work, with either a one-man or two man crew depending on the work involved, we like to say we can re-pipe your bathroom and be out of your house in one day. To do that, there is a certain process we have to go through in order to ensure that none of the steps we take get bogged down. We have to determine first how we are going to get to the horizontal …

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  • What causes my faucets to drip?

    A dripping faucet is both annoying and expensive. The steady drip can keep people awake at night and their water bill rising. Left unaddressed it can cause a host of other problems. There are several common causes of dripping faucets. Identifying them can help you stop the drip and prevent it from returning in the future after having a faucet repair conducted. Worn or Damaged Parts One of the most …

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  • Hiring a Plumber to Remodel a Kitchen

    As a professional plumbing company, we value quality and reliable service for all of our clients. When a customer is seeking a plumber to remodel their kitchen, we want our clients to know that we put their needs and design ideas first. A kitchen remodeling requires following a budget, knowing what styles and changes can work in the kitchen, and also knowing exactly what must be done to take a …

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  • Benefits of a Summer Drain Cleaning

    Each summer we look around our home and begin to carry out the much needed maintenance that is usually needed after a difficult winter of freezing temperatures, rain and often snow. One area that is often ignored is the drainage system within a home, keeping up with regular drain cleaning can mean the difference between a low cost visit from a plumber or an expensive plumbing repair. Most …

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