7 Facts About Water Softeners

7 Facts About Water Softeners

Plumbing Solutions, LLC, your top choice for a Columbia plumber, would like to offer an informative list of facts about water softeners

1. Ion Exchange Procedure – The initial step in the water softening process is known as the ion exchange procedure, which eliminates water hardness using salt or potassium ions. Anytime hard water moves through resin beads, the hard ions are consumed and replaced with salt or potassium ions, which are then circulated into your water. There is a swap of negative and positive ions, which eventually leads to the softening of hard water.

2. Service Interval – The service interval is the typical system where water moves through a device on top of the tank, then continues to flow to the lower section of the tank that houses the resin. As water moves throughout the resin, the components that induce hardness are gathered through the ion trading procedure stated previously. The diffused water moves through various slots, in addition to a valve that forces water throughout the pipes that discharge water to your home.

3. Backwash Interval – The backwash interval is the process in which the resin is blended, thereby eliminating turbidity and pollutants in your water and filtering it through a drainage system.

4. Brine Draw Interval – This is the technique where brine or sodium is gathered into a valve and then forced inside the top of the tank. Brine streams throughout the resin and hard components, and gathers inside the resin bed. This routine continues on until the solution in the brine tank has been prepared to go into the conditioner tank.

5. Slow Rinse Interval – This technique entails a consistent movement of water from the top of the tank to the base. The brine and hard components are washed from the resin during this procedure.

6. Fast Rinse Interval – A fast rinse interval is the process in which water goes into the top of the softener tank and then moves throughout the resin in high-velocity. This greater rate of water movement compacts the resin bed and eliminates the very last of the hardness and brine in the water.

7. Refill Interval – The final action of the water softener is refilling the tank with water. For each gallon of water, three lbs of sodium will likely be dissolved.

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