Blog Posts in july, 2014

  • How can tankless water heaters help reduce your monthly bills?

    Tankless water heaters , or demand type water heaters, save money on energy costs. This is because they provide hot water on an as needed basis. There is no extra cost of storing water such as with traditional water heaters. These expenses are referred to as stand-by losses. The way tankless water heaters work is that when you turn on the hot water, cold water runs through a pipe to the unit. …

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  • How Can You Become Happier Thanks to a Remodeled Bathroom?

    Few of us lead stress-free lives, but we can all relieve the impact that it has on us. One huge stress reliever is taking time out for some relaxation. Though you can achieve this with an occasion visit to the spa, factoring in the money and time as a regular event can be stressful in itself. A better solution would be remodeling your bathroom making it as close to a relaxing and accommodating spa …

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  • 7 Facts About Water Softeners

    Plumbing Solutions, LLC, your top choice for a Columbia plumber, would like to offer an informative list of facts about water softeners … 1. Ion Exchange Procedure – The initial step in the water softening process is known as the ion exchange procedure, which eliminates water hardness using salt or potassium ions. Anytime hard water moves through resin beads, the hard ions are consumed and …

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