When Does Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance?

When Does Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance?

You probably don’t think about your water heater until it stops working, and then you get reminded of just how important it is. You can’t get showers, wash clothes, do dishes, or wash your hands. At those times, you may dream about how nice it could have been if you had foreseen this catastrophe. Sometimes you can.
Here are some warning signs that your water heater needs maintenance.

Decreased water temperature: A decrease in water temperature may be too subtle to notice, but if you do detect it, check it out. If no one in your home has adjusted the temperature, call a professional. This decrease could be caused by a failing heating element.

Water pressure is low or strange: Your water pressure may be inexplicably low or choppy. This could indicate a clog somewhere that is disrupting the flow.

Leaks: Leaks not only ruin your water heater, but the surrounding materials in your home. The only good thing about leaks is that they make themselves known. It may begin with condensation on your water heater, then turn into a puddle under the water heater, or you may see or smell mold.

Funny noises: A banging noise could alert you to mineral deposits inside your water heater. These deposits are hard and can damage your heater.

Rotten eggs: If you have a gas water heater, the smell of rotten eggs tells you that you have a damaged anode rod. The smell of gas around your heater indicates that you have a gas leak, which is dangerous to the people in the home.

Rusty water: Brown, rusty water is alarming to see. This freakish occurrence comes from sediment depositing at the bottom of the water heater’s tank.

It is wise to periodically check your water heater for these signs of problems. Some of these issues are dangerous, and some are more costly than any water heater repair. Call a professional at the first sign of trouble to prevent having to do without a water heater.

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