3 Reasons Not to Buy Chemical Drain Cleaners

3 Reasons Not to Buy Chemical Drain Cleaners

When your sink is not draining the way it did before, you have a few options.
You could try to fix it yourself. After all, it was just working yesterday,
right? We all know how to Google for information and we all love to save
money. There are home remedies available, like pouring baking soda and
vinegar down the drain to see if that clears up the clog, and sometimes
these can work.
Unfortunately, if it does not work, we often think we can save money by
running to the store and buying the latest fad of drain cleaning solutions,
let me tell you why this may not be your best option.

First of all, if you experiment with one drain cleaning solution and it
does not work, you may decide to try another purchased solution.
If you are not careful, the two brands of cleaners may actually have a
harmful chemical reaction when mixed.
Most people at home do not wear masks when they are cleaning sinks or
trying to clear a drain. If there are toxic fumes coming up the drain
when the chemicals are mixed, you will be breathing them in unaware of
the danger.

Another possible problem involves the ingredients included in the store
bought drain cleaner. If it is going to clear up hair, soap scum, etc.
from a clogged drain pipe, it may include an acid.
This acid can cause an even larger problem than the original clog substance,
because acids will erode the pipes that the clog is blocking.

The third problem is on a more personal level. Plumbers are called in when
the methods above fail to remedy the situation with the clogged pipe.
Plumbers use the tools of the trade to clear out the clog. This could
be a jet of water, a drain snake, etc., but whatever method is used, plumbers
will now be exposed to the chemicals the homeowner put down their drain
prior to the call. Please be sure to let your plumber know if you have
already tried to fix the issue with chemicals beforehand.

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