Top 10 Plumbing Issues When Remodeling A Bathroom

Top 10 Plumbing Issues When Remodeling A Bathroom

1. Hire a professional and a competent plumber that understands what are your remodeling goals and dream. A plumbing professional who has performed the work that you are proposing would be more equipped to perform the remodeling on time and on schedule.

2. Work with your professional plumber to prepare a detailed remodeling plan for the proposed bathroom. A good plan will remove any confusion of what the ultimate remodeling will look like. It will also help to set the budget of the project and enable the professional plumber to stay on course during the remodeling project.

3. Determine who will be responsible for obtaining needed plumbing and building permits. Different permits will be required based on the size and scope of the remodeling project. It is important that no remodeling work is performed until the proper permits are in hand. The cost for doing work without the proper permits may include a fine as well as a delay or denial of your required permits.

4. Detail the scope of work, the schedule of work and the cost of work in a legally binding contract. All work with any professional should be reduced to writing and agreed to by all of the parties.

5. Determine whether existing plumbing infrastructure needs to be removed, upgraded modified or replaced completely. Existing plumbing may severely alter the proposed remodel project. The age of the building where the bathroom is located will also play a factor into whether the plumbing infrastructure needs to be upgraded to accommodate the proposed bathroom remodeling.

6. Examine whether plumbing work will interfere with the plumbing of an adjacent property owner. A professional plumber will assist in determining this element. Also, this will be reviewed when building and plumbing permits obtained.

7. Determine whether proposed bathroom fixtures and piping supplies are on order and can be delivered in time for the agreed upon construction schedule. This will ensure that the proposed remodeling schedule is maintained.

8. Determine whether the existing bath or show needs to be refurbished or replaced. Depending on the nature of the remodeling project the existing bath and shower may not need to be replaced.

9. Ensure that all pluming fixtures and bathroom furniture is under warranty.

10. Making sure that the plumbing is properly insulated against extreme weather will also save future costs from damage caused by frozen pipes.

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