How Do I Know if I Have Gas Line Leak?

How Do I Know if I Have Gas Line Leak?

What To Do If There Is A Gas Leak At Home

When you have a gas leak at home, you need to have a plan of action to protect your family. The steps in the program below show you how to make sure that your family is safe during a gas leak.

This is not something that you can fix on your own, but it is something that you can get a handle on before it gets out of hand. Each tip below will show you how to make your home as safe as possible during a gas leak.

Do You Smell It?

When you smell the leaking natural gas in your home, you need to make sure that you are looking for the source. You can check your stove and hot water heater quickly. If these devices are not leaking, you need to move on to the next step. You can shut off the gas to the water heater, and you can turn off the stove.

Get Out

You need to get your family out of the house if you are experiencing a gas leak that you do not understand. When you do not know what the source of the leak is, you must make sure that you get out of the house so that the problem can be resolved. You need to be out of danger so that you can take steps to secure your family.

Call The Gas Company

You need to call the gas company immediately. They can shut off your gas for you, and they will send out a repair crew at your request. You may also contact a plumber to come look at the pipes in your home.

They will be able to find the source of the leak, and they can repair the pipe quickly. They will test the pipe, and then they will get the gas running in the house again.

Your family and home must be protected at all times, and you need to make sure you follow the steps above. These steps allow you to keep your family safe, and you can make sure that the house will not be damaged during the leak.

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