Commercial Backflow Testing

Commercial Backflow Testing

What Is the Importance of Commercial Backflow Testing?

Backflow is the contamination of drinking water either at the commercial level or in the municipality’s infrastructure. Backflow prevention devices prevent this contamination from contaminating these systems.

They are so important that they are often mandated at the commercial level. They also prevent contamination from lawn contaminants like fertilizers.

These contaminants are then kept from contaminating the city’s water supply even if a single commercial system is breached. Mandating that residences have backflow prevention devices is not the point of overflow prevention.

Overflow prevention is simply the means by which the supply is protected. It is also incumbent on homeowners to also have their overflow prevention devices tested for effectiveness.

Why Does the Backflow Device Have to be Tested Yearly?

Many places direct residents to test these devices annually. Because there can be several places with the devices installed, these annual checks should be done by reputable plumbing companies with the requisite licenses to institute and operate such testing. In today’s hectic world, good companies will keep records and relay the information to homeowners around the approximate times that these checks should be instituted.

This will prevent homeowner’s from not scheduling the proper testing. dditionally, these companies will have to provide the homeowners with proper documentation. However, it is also a matter of personal responsibility and civic duty to help protect the water supply of neighbors. Even very moderate amounts of contaminants can do great harm.


If not for annual checks, there could be thousands of leaks throughout the system of public sewer. Breaches can be very detrimental to the health of entire neighborhoods and towns, therefore these devices have to be maintained to a 100 percent level of effectiveness.

This is only possible through a system of annual checks. It is advised that other annual inspections be made by the plumber at this time.

By bundling the services, they become cheaper. These companies will also be able to advise new homeowners about their responsibilities when backflow devices are a concern. These devices are installed in many places, but often the inspections are instituted at the city level.

In addition, some valves will be in place in facilities that have multiple inhabitants like apartment building.

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