Looking to buy a home? Get the plumbing inspected before you do!

Looking to buy a home? Get the plumbing inspected before you do!

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions a person can make. Knowing what you are buying is critical in order making sure your dream home dose not quickly turn into a nightmare, this is why a
plumbing inspection is a must.

Part of understanding your home purchase is to know the condition of your plumbing. Because most of the plumbing is located inside of the walls and underneath the home problems with plumbing are not always detectable visually with the naked eye. However a plumbing professional can locate points in the plumbing system that may need small maintenance repairs before they become costly emergency repairs. Knowing if major plumbing issues exist dose not mean you should not buy the home, instead negotiate the price of the home using the price of the repairs as a benchmark. Another option would be to request that the current owner of the property complete the repairs and have the home inspected again before agreeing to purchase the home.

Another advantage of a plumbing inspection is that the potential buyer can locate plumbing fixtures, like faucets that are not efficient. Poorly operating faucets can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water per year costing homeowners hundreds of dollars. The 3,000 gallons of water wasted is the equivalent of more than 180 showers.

Seepages from toilets are usually slow and undetectable. A plumbing inspection can exposes these seepages before hundreds of hard earned dollars go “down the drain”.

The internal piping could have leaks behind the walls of the home. If left unattended to those leaks can cause structural damage, and even lead to mold inside of the walls of the home that leads to serious health issues and is costly to have removed.

Having sump pumps and fire sprinklers inspect is important as well. Because they lay dormant until they are needed. It is added security knowing they are working properly before your home and property needs their protection.

A plumbing inspection preformed by a professional will assure that you’re plumbing inside of your new home is functioning properly from the shutoff valve to the drain going back to the streets. If fixtures like toilets are functioning properly and just need to be updated, or they are in need of replacing because they are not functioning properly this would be the perfect time to consider more efficient versions like low flow toilets, or under the cabinet water heaters. In the end plumbing inspections can save homeowners time and money in the long run and protect the home from extensive water and mold damage in the future.

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