Hydro Jetting 101

Hydro Jetting 101

Hydro Jetting, sometimes referred to as Hydro Scrubbing, is the process of cleaning out your sewer lines or tanks with a long, high-pressure hose that is capable of putting out a jet stream of water from 7,000 to 60,000 PSI. Like power-washing, the water is strong enough to dissolve any debris or build up that may be giving you trouble.

machine that pressurizes the flow of water from a strong nozzle at an extreme rate, plumbers will typically work through an opening called a “clean out” that allows them to clean any debris or objects present. The system in which lines are cleaned out is simple and effective. The hydro jet is placed at the end going downstream. The rush of water then moves against gravity going upstream and clears the debris. The waste water then comes back down the end that is clear of obstructions.

In some instances, Hydro Jetting is a must. Prior to lining any pipe, debris may be present and building up, possibly causing the waterproof lining to not form or bond correctly to the existing pipe. While Hydro Jetting can blow through small roots, this should still be of concern as they can grow thick and repeatedly clog lines. A camera could then be inserted to further investigate. Line replacement may be needed if the problem is serious enough.

When using a hydro jet, you should always be careful and use protective equipment. While machines are used for plumbing purposes, other industries take advantage of the high power jet. Besides water jetting, it can be used for precision cutting and surface preparation making this machine highly versatile. With the power of Hydro Jetting, the debris clogging your lines will quickly dissolve, along with your problems.

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