Blog Posts in october, 2013

  • Reasons To Get A Garbage Disposal Unit For Your Home

    When seeking to “go green” and reduce waste in the home, a garbage disposal may not appear at first to fit the model. While a disposal unit does use electricity and requires some water to run, it can save energy and resources in other ways if it is managed properly. First, the most obvious advantage […]

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  • Hydro Jetting 101

    Hydro Jetting, sometimes referred to as Hydro Scrubbing, is the process of cleaning out your sewer lines or tanks with a long, high-pressure hose that is capable of putting out a jet stream of water from 7,000 to 60,000 PSI. Like power-washing, the water is strong enough to dissolve any debris or build up that […]

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  • Does your sump pump need maintenance?

    First of all, a sump pump is a device that keeps water from building up in your basement. Moreover, this sump pump is usually placed in an area where water could be a problem if it built up and flooded the basement. So since it has been established that your sump pump is an important […]

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