Plumbing Emergencies Require Quick Action

Plumbing Emergencies Require Quick Action

All plumbing problems come in two types: water coming in (water under pressure from the meter) and water going out (sewer). A plumbing emergency usually involves issues with broken pipes, fittings, appliances or clogs and obstructions with the sewer line. It’s important to know the source of a plumbing emergency so as to be able to get the help needed quickly to fix the problem.

In Columbia, a water user is only responsible for plumbing leading from the water meter to the structure. If there is a problem below the water meter from the water main, call the city water department with a need for emergency maintenance repair. Likewise, any drain lines are the responsibility of the water user to the point the line connects with the main sewer line.

If a broken pipe or fitting (faucet, appliance connection, etc.) is causing any flooding it’s important to as quickly as possible to turn off the incoming water. At the water meter location is a valve allowing water flow. Water users are allowed to turn this valve to cut off the water and stem the flooding. If there is a drain problem, sewer backup or some other problem with the water being carried away, there is little to do except call a certified and licensed plumber to repair the line. Some simple problems can be fixed with a plunger or drain auger but be very careful about administering any chemicals into the water system. These can cause problems with pipes and other fittings if the water user is not very familiar with the materials in the water system.

Some appliances have shut off valves to stop water flow. If a hot water heater is leaking, the shutoff valve on the unit will stop water from coming to the tank but will not stop water from leaking already in the tank. Dishwashers are usually connected with a tube to the kitchen water pipes. A shutoff valve at the connection will stop the water flow. Be mindful, however, of any electrical connection to the appliance and avoid any action that could lead to a shock. With any serious plumbing emergency it is always best to depend on a licensed plumber to the repairs quickly and safely.

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